Hey, party people! Todiyfor Supply is an independent, woman owned party shop.

Our shop is committed to creating and sourcing trendy, custom and affordable party decor and gifts.

The shop originally started operating by word of mouth, then transitioned to an Instagram page, followed by an Etsy page and, now, here we are as an online shop. Todiyfor caters to the hands on, hands-off, simple but extra, and trendsetting but traditional party type.

Todiyfor products reflect how life should be, that is fun, simple and however you envision it!

So glad to have you here, it’s party time!



Meet Amber 


Growing up my parents threw my siblings and I the most detailed oriented parties. It started with fabulous and over the top invitations and was followed with the most perfectly matching theme and color scheme. It is no wonder that I naturally have a niche for merging decor, and personalized gifts making events to DIY for. If you ask my closest friends, they’ll say I’m pretty simple but extra at the same time, as if that makes sense!

During the day you can find me glued to my computer, working my 9-5. When I clock out I’m either crafting, shopping or out enjoying my 20’s (perhaps at a To DIY For  party).  

Let’s mingle and get to know each other.




Meet Yolanda 

Dr. Davis by day, COO by night, amongst a host of other things. Although I am typically busy, I do enjoy a good party! Like Amber, I also grew up having amazing parties (if you haven't guessed, yes we're sisters). When it comes to events I am a master planner, it's the details that I truly have an eye for.

When my schedule allows it, I absolutely love to travel. I have been to over 10 countries and counting! Aside from traveling I enjoy working out, reading, and hanging out with my friends and family.
                    I'm excited to party with you!